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Do You Know This Vietnam Veteran ?

Amerasian Man Searching for Biological Parents


My Photo:

Hung Tran

 About Me:

My name is Hung Tran. I was born in Vietnam in 1973. I am Amerasian.  I currently reside in Georgia.

My Story:

Shortly after I moved to the United States I received a letter from the woman I knew as my mother. (Tran Thu Thao of 120 Dguyen Thai Hoc; Hoi An; q-n-d-n; Vietnam).

In the letter she explained that  I was adopted. She also included the photo posted to the right and stated that these were my biological parents.

I do not know why my adoptive mother chose to wait until I was in the United States to tell me all of this. She denies knowing the names of my biological parents and told me not to try and locate my father.

If you recognize the people in the photo or the location of where the photo may have been taken  please contact me by email. Any help will be appreciated. 




Vietnam Veteran - Possibly A Warrant Officer In The US Navy

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